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In the summer of 2014 we received a call from the 医院 building manager and informed us that there was a major water damage emergency from the hospital located in Los Angeles County. A main water pipe broke in the soffit of the 6th floor in an 8 story 医院 Building. The water leak affected from the 6th floor down to the basement, the areas impacted were: Patient Rooms; Main Traffic Hallways; OR Rooms; Intensive Care Rooms; X-Ray Rooms; Doctors Lounge Area; Cafeteria and Basement. The 医院 Building Manager asked if we have the capabilities to respond to an emergency of that magnitude and we confirmed that we are capable to respond with trained and certified technicians experienced in emergency response on medical facilities; water damage equipment sufficient to support the affected areas; Pre-staged Emergency Response Vehicles equipped with all the necessary materials and tools to respond to emergencies consisting of Water/火 Damage; Mold Prevention or Remediation; Asbestos/Lead Contamination or 减轻; Infectious Control Areas Set Up and Unsafe Structure 拆迁. Our crews arrived to the emergency site within an hour of the call; QE PM and supervisors coordinated with the Building Manager and Environmental Consultant then got started to access the magnitude of water damaged areas with the use of infrared cameras and moisture measuring equipment then determined the most critical areas to address. The crews were organized and started to isolate the impacted areas to control the water damage, build infectious control measures, started direct water extraction and set up drying equipment; then started Mold Prevention Measures by removing the water damaged walls, 天花板, 地板, 家具, 等. There was 2 shifts provided to emergency. The 医院 Building Manger informed us that he called another company to respond to the emergency, due to the magnitude of the water damage. The other company arrived a day after the emergency. The company worked in 4th floor and ½ the 2nd floor. The company was dismissed from the emergency for not being able to provide experienced personnel, sufficient equipment and for not performing. The Building Manager asked QE management to redo the work areas addressed by the other company. The water damaged areas were expanding due to the water inside the walls’ cavities that were leaking throughout for over a week and a half. Some areas were affected by Mold growth and they were addressed and remediated accordingly. We provided Infectious Control Measures to support the reconstruction of the areas affected, until the 医院 was restored back to normal operations. The project duration was 4 weeks. Here are some of the major services provided in this project by QE:

  • 1 Hour Emergency Response
  • 2 Shifts of 15 Trained/Certified Emergency Response Technicians Experienced in 医疗 Facilities.
  • Provided the latest moisture measurement, water extraction, water drying, HEPA negative pressure equipment and Infectious Control Engineering Systems.
  • 45 Dehumidifiers
  • 45 Air Blowers
  • 50 Negative Air Pressure Machines
  • 100 Zip Wall Pole Systems
  • 4 Emergency Vehicles
  • Built and Restored approximately 13 Infectious Control Containment Areas per Floor.
  • Provided Infectious Control Support for the construction crews performing reconstruction of all the affected areas.


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